At Technical Australia our philosophy towards your components is life extension, safety and cost effectiveness. Our personnel have over 20 years of experience within the Australian market place, conducting all types of component refurbishment and management programs to support both onshore and offshore applications.

Our processes and procedures are firstly governed within our ISO 9001 management system in conjunction with our stringent in house QA systems.

A brief overview of our approach is outlined below but is in no way all-encompassing as we maintain a level of fluidity to tailor our skill set to your specific needs and systems requirements.

All components irrespective of type are covered within our high standards of recording, this entails;

  • Visual Image capturing.
  • Cleaning (Ultrasonic cleaning, Bead blasting, Vapor blasting, Super-finishing, Polishing, Honing, Cross hatching).
  • Inspection of general condition.
  • Verification of sizes and tolerances.
  • Confirmation of limitations within safety critical components.
  • In house crack testing, MPI and X-ray inspection.
  • Full traceability of component lifecycle.

Experience and knowledge around the application of products and design, in line with the science behind materials technology enable our team to provide detailed and factual RCA with accurate and actionable recommendations for continuous improvements.

Our procedures for reconditioning as a minimum adhere to OEM specifications.

All inspection, measuring and reconditioning tools are as per the OEM standard or higher, with all tooling undergoing routine evaluation and calibrated under our ISO 9001 management system.

With some repairs requiring extensive procedures and processes, Technical Australia also work in conjunction with the OEM, to ensure conformity and integrity of original design and potential ongoing warranties.

Our QA process starts with the receipting of parts, flowing through the entire processes until the parts are dispatched.

Our inventory is strategically tailored towards the Australian market and understanding the inventory level requirements of our customers annually is key to a successful partnership.

All of our talented employees are trained for our industry and continuously strive for perfection with a focus on safety, continuous improvements and customer satisfaction.

Our ability to react and process your requirements is second to none, we are a can do, will do company to meet your deadlines and shutdown requirements.

Our in-house component range and capabilities for reconditioning are as follows:

Complete Compressors, Complete Pumps, Complete Unloader Systems, Valves, Packing Cases, Piston Rods, Pistons, Cylinders, Mechanical Seals, Lubrication Systems and Components – lube box etc.