Component Manufacture & Supply

Technical Australia provide a full range of products for your compression assets either through our internal design and manufacture capabilities or sourcing through our many alliances and partnerships in providing OEM specification components.

Our product range is fully compliant with API 618 and manufactured or sourced within our ISO 9001 accreditation.

Our materials range and specifications are industry proven, covering standard filled and special polymer sealing/wearing materials to specific grades of standard and exotic metals. These materials are utilized by OEM’s and Independent Owner Operators, with decades of proven reliability in operation across a broad range of applications. Historical data and case references are maintained to provide our customers with confidence in its capabilities.

All materials within our product range are meticulously controlled, manufactured, and/or sourced and monitored ensuring our material levels are available to meet your needs.

As with our ISO 9001 Management System, we adhere to strict processes and procedures in order to maintain consistency in the Quality and workmanship of all our products, either through direct manufacture or OEM/third party supply.

The design and manufacture of our components is in accordance with API618 specifications and/or to the OEM specifications as required, with an enthesis on meeting the highest standards to enable our partners to achieve optimum lifecycles within the applications used.

Our application engineering capabilities have been built on many years of firsthand knowledge and experience. Giving us the ability to select the optimum products and materials to facilitate any process/application requirement.

Our components are critical within their applications which drive a right first-time philosophy as a strategic goal. Driven by excellence and continuous improvement, our products reflect this whilst creating operational cost improvements to our clients/partners.

Our dynamic sealing product range is applicable to every spectrum of the gas industry, including but not limited to Coal Seam Gas, Natural Gas, Chemical Plants, Refineries, Air Separation/Oxygen, C02 and H2s, Gas Lift and Power Generation.

Our in-house Engineers are competent in the specification and design criteria requirements covering all lubricated and non-lubricated applications, encompassing LP, HP, Hyper and Cryogenic applications for both metallic and non-metallic sealing materials. With specific expertise in the design and manufacture of piston rods, pistons, packing case assemblies and compressor valves complying with API and Nace specifications, inclusive of conversions from lubricated to non-lubricated operation.

Our product range consists primarily of the following;

Mechanical Seals, Actuators, Unloaders, Lubrication (components & systems), Piston Rods, Pistons, Cross Heads, Valves, Packings, Wipers, Packing & Wiper Cases, Cylinder Rings (piston & rider), Cylinder Liners, Cylinders, Oil coolers.

Please refer to our specific product documentation for a more in-depth explanation of each component.