Field Service

Technical Australia’s maintenance and field service capabilities within the compression industry has evolved through extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of our partners compression equipment. We recognize and appreciate the challenges with increased budget constraints that is evident under current market conditions.

Our business structure and focus is dedicated around the prevention of failures, with our team using a decision based model formed through knowledge, experience, innovation and benchmarking data prior to commencing any work. Listening to operators, understanding the shutdown reports and scenarios prior to commencing work and evaluating operating parameters is paramount. This proven process is key in the onsite evaluation of key components to ensure sustained reliability.

Our team are customer focused and safety orientated working closely to meet or exceed your needs and explanation’s, understanding a suitable care package for your machinery. Having a clear understanding of your MTBF’s enable us to help achievement your production objectives.

Our companies mission is to create sustainable maintenance programs and upgrade solutions to enhance both compressor reliability and availability, whilst maintaining long term integrity of our clients assets.

Listening to you and truly understanding, enables us to carry out detailed evaluation on the known availability of component condition states and allows us to carry out accurate RCA, giving you a viable solution to each and every issue.

Our team have a sustained work ethic before, during and after engagement with our clients. Whether offshore or onshore we are committed to the Reliability/Availability & Productivity of your rotating equipment. We identify and understand the criticality of your needs within remote locations and this is why we as a team are dedicated in supporting our client’s goals to optimize component life through historical evaluation, reducing maintenance costs and driving increased profitability.

Our onsite capabilities include but not limited to:

  • Full compressor Installations
  • Full compressor servicing and rebuilds
  • Compressor balancing
  • Compressor reconfiguration
  • Lubrication system upgrades and installations
  • Compressor alignment
  • Compressor component evaluation and support for optimization
  • Compressor cylinder re-lining and honing and finishing
  • Compressor piston and re-design and installations
  • Compressor coupling rebuilds and installations
  • Compressor and component Onsite machining capabilities
  • Compressor fin fan systems testing and maintenance
  • Pipework and pressure vessel NDT
  • On site CAD drawings to enable fast Manufacture at our facilities.