Cogeneration (CHP)

Technical Australia supports a number of partnerships in order to ensure that our local client base has the accessibility to the most up to date Technology to meet the evolving demands of our industries.

We are pleased to be partnered with OPRA Turbines based in the Netherlands to bring their industry leading Technology to the local marketplace and provide full ongoing support of the assets.

OPRA provides gas turbine generating sets for customers world-wide within the oil & gas, industrial, commercial and marine sectors.

OPRA’s 2 MW class OP16 gas turbine is of an industrial, all-radial design which provides robustness, reliability, highest efficiency in class and ultra-low emissions. Dual fuel and off-specification fuel options are also available.

Complete gas turbine generating sets are engineered to meet customer specific requirements both for land based and offshore applications.

Single or multiple OP16 units can effectively cover installations from 1.5 to 10 MW electric power demand.

The OPRA genset has several unique features and benefits, as follows;

  • Unique low emissions combustion technology
  • Flexibility due to dual fuel and multi fuel capabilities
  • Highest efficiency in OPRA’s power range
  • Simple, robust and low-cost design
  • Low operational and maintenance cost
  • Low weight and compact design
  • World-wide applicability for a multitude of applications
  • Unique proprietary product ensures minimum 30 years product life


The OPRA genset is well suited to a variety of applications, as follows;

  • Cogeneration (Combined Heat & Power)
    • The hot exhaust gases of the OPRA power generation sets are used for process and/or heating applications, i.e. electricity and heat are generated simultaneously.
    • The OPRA power generation set is ideally suited for chemical plants, food industry, hotels, breweries, green houses, telecommunication centres and a variety of other businesses. In such applications the OPRA turbine OP16 can be depended upon as a reliable, low emissions power source that efficiently generates both heat and electricity.
    • Cogeneration is an economical and environmentally friendly way to generate your own heat and power. Replacing the firing of an existing boiler by the exhaust heat of an OPRA generator set will significantly reduce your energy bill.
  • Peak shaving and standby power
    • The peak price of electricity can reach extremely high values in periods of high power demand.
    • The OPRA power generation sets can serve you by generating your own power during such peak periods and thereby minimizing fluctuations and cost of electricity.
  • Power quality
    • An increasing number of businesses in telecom, internet and financial services are very sensitive to power outages.
    • The OPRA power generation sets can serve these businesses by generating uninterruptible, high quality power, either as part of an UPS system or as a prime mover.
  • Resource recovery
    • Each year, more than 100 billion cubic meter of energy-containing gas is flared worldwide because, up till now, its use has not been considered to be economically viable.
    • The OPRA power generation sets can turn otherwise wasted energy into valuable electricity in an economically and environmentally optimal way.
    • For oil and gas fields in remote areas the generator sets can serve as prime mover, using gases that would otherwise be flared. The power output of the OPRA power generation set fits well to the electricity requirements of many such oil and gas fields.
    • The flexible combustion system enables the OPRA turbine OP 16 to use a broad spectrum of fuels.
    • Furthermore, the simple and robust design makes the generator sets suitable for operating in harsh environments.

For more information on this product, specific to your energy needs and requirements please contact us.