Controls & System

Technical Australia, designs and integrates advanced control systems for a variety of applications, all panels are assembled and tested in our facilities.

Full compliance to customers specs and required codes IEC, NEMA, EXD, EXP, redundant systems compliance to SIL II & III, as well as the engineering of the logic and the integration of most PLC systems.

Our advanced graphics design incorporates HMI and MMs scada and remote monitoring systems.


  • Anti-Surge Control panels fully integrated
  • Chiller system control panels
  • Reciprocating compressor panels and monitoring system
  • Explosion proof panels
  • Purged control panels
  • Monitoring and supervisory control systems
  • Redundant system
  • Instruments racks
  • Dry seal support systems
  • Pressure, temperature, level, flow, transmitters and gas detectors